Why Volunteer?

OCIACC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and your contributions and membership dues are tax deductible.

We are an all-volunteer run organization co-founded in 2015 by a group of business owners and professionals. We are proud to have a diverse membership, and welcome anyone who wants to grow their business.

Our Iranian heritage makes us the most hospitable networking group in Orange County, with many positive testimonials and great results from advertising on our website and social media sites.

  • Gain Professional Experience.

    Being among other professionals and as part of a team in our organization, you will be able to gain professional experience which adds to your resume.

  • Make New Friends

    Meeting new people and being part of a group doing a fun activity, you will get into finding new friends that can last forever.

  • Promote Personal Growth and Self-Esteem

    Nothing is more important that setting goals and achieving them when it comes to personal growth and developing self-esteem.

  • Build a Stronger Community

    When you share your time and expertise, it mean we will have more communicative experience and knowledge to make strengthen our community.

  • Learn Something New

    Learning new things always comes when you work as part of a team. If you haven’t been part of an organization like us before, the learning opportunity will be even more!

  • Get a Chance to Give Back.

    Have you ever thought of giving back to the community? This is a place that you can do you part for our community by helping our community businesses grow.

  • Encourages Civic Responsibility

    Do you want to be a role model? By being volunteer, you help others to consider themselves more responsible toward our community.

  • Make a Difference

    Sometime it might seem hard to make a difference in the world. But you can make a difference when we work together toward achieving a common goal.

  • Network

    When you network, you will be able to make new business or personal acquaintances while volunteering.

  • Do It For Fun!

    Meeting with new people and doing a group activity toward the same goal is always fun.

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