Blogging is good for your business.

Blogging is simple! Regular posts of in-depth views in the form of well-written, researched articles showcasing expertise and knowledge, will build trust and credibility. Blogging provides an unlimited space to communicate with your audience, and when used effectively – renders you as a hub of information.

A blog is undeniably where audiences get to identify with, learn about and most importantly, trust your brand.

A well-written blog allows you to build a deeper relationship with customers, whilst simultaneously educating them about your offering.

A blog serves as an extension of brand personality and is your personal platform to share perspectives, key messages on the industry, best practices and more. Through a careful selection of blog topics, you can highlight areas of your brand expertise, and make an impression on the audience, and market in general.

Customers interested in your brand, product, and industry will be keen on hearing your thoughts and will play close attention to your point of view. Being a source of credible information allows for a better relationship with your customer, who will regard you as more approachable and appreciate that you are the one dispensing this information. This will go on to build a brand image, and also reflect in sales. 

An informative blog adds value to the industry as a whole, and content is likely to be picked up by other websites and shared across social media networks, creating tremendous free brand exposure.


Shani Moslehi is a master connector and a networking expert. She is a visionary who has depth in management skills both in the business and nonprofit sectors. Shani founded the Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce (OCIACC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2015.

Shani Moslehi is a Senior Partner at Kriocorp, a management consulting and event marketing company.