Are You Ready For Your Next Business Networking Event?

Being an effective networker means going into events with purpose and a plan. Preparation before your next networking event could be what sets you apart and helps you succeed.

Here are a few useful tips:

1. Smile! 

2. Prepare your elevator pitch. 

There’s nothing worse than being asked the question, “What do you do?” and suddenly coming up blank. Come up with a few sentences you can use to describe yourself or your business accurately.

3. Always shake hands.

4. Be a connector.

5. Don’t be a product-pusher.

6. Keep an open posture with your head up, arms and legs uncrossed convey an openness to being approached. 

6. Introduce yourself. 

7. Focus on how people feel when they’re with you.

8. Focus on making your conversation partner feel good about themselves. 

9. Be a great listener

10. Ask thoughtful questions, and give your undivided attention. 

11. Do not, under any circumstances, ditch a conversation partner for someone more “important.”

12. After the event, people are more likely to remember those individuals who made them feel good about themselves.

13. Ask for their business cards and only give your business card to them if they ask for it.

14. Follow up within 72 hours. 

15. Plan to attend the same mixers so you can build a strong relationship with other members.

Networking is the most effective way to do business. If you continue attending events, you will receive more referrals, make more friends, find power partners, and grow your business. 

Remember always to give referrals to people in your networking group.


Shani Moslehi is a master connector and a networking expert. She is a visionary who has depth in management skills both in the business and nonprofit sectors. Shani founded the Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce (OCIACC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2015.

Shani Moslehi is a Senior Partner at Kriocorp, a management consulting and event marketing company.