Sometimes you need to give before you receive!

Networking for business development is a great way to establish new relationships in your community. It is best to attend networking events with no expectations of others. Keep in mind one way to succeed is to invest time, commit to staying involved, and learn from the other’s success stories before you see results. Sometimes you need to give before you receive and always be supportive.

Always thank the people that send you a referral even if you don’t end up selling your products/services. The people that introduce your business to others are your lifeline for future business so always acknowledge them, send them a thank you note for thinking of you or buy them a cup coffee!

If you are thinking of buying a business, meet other business owners, and learn from them, build a strong network of supportive companies before you launch your own business. Business ownership is a very lonely job, so surround yourself with other like-minded business owners and use the networking platform such as what OCIACC offers to get together with them at least once a month. 

“The man who knows so much is smart, but the man who knows so many people is wise. Being smart is a process of learning, while being wise is a product of experience.” 



Shani Moslehi is a master connector and a networking expert. She is a visionary who has depth in management skills both in the business and nonprofit sectors. Shani founded the Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce (OCIACC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2015.

Shani Moslehi is a Senior Partner at Kriocorp, a management consulting and event marketing company.